DIY Cyanotype Kit


DIY Cyanotype Kit

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Imagine yourself in the footsteps of the very first photographer and botanist Anna Atkins. Anna Atkins used a pioneering technique for each print without the use of a photo camera. A collection of thousands of impressive prints that took her 10 years to create and which she then used for the very first photo book ever made, her book Photographs of British Algea.

With this DIY Cyanotype kit, just like Anna, you can make the most beautiful blueprints on paper all by yourself.

  • Analogue photography
  • For adults
  • No experience or own equipment needed
  • Instructions in Dutch, English, German and French

- Step-by-step instructions and tips, in Dutch, English, German and French
- 2 bottles of 100ml with photographic medium, ready for mixing
- 20 sheets of water colour paper 15 x 21 cm
- Gloves
- 5 printable transparent sheets
- Sink
- Measuring cylinder 100ml
- Foam brush
- Mixing bowl
- Stirrer

With the ingredients in this kit, you can turn watercolour paper into photo paper yourself: you make it sensitive to UV light. Where the sun hits the treated paper, a dark blue colour is created, also known as Prussian blue. This way, you can make your own blue-white prints at home. For example, you can print a photo on a sheet, draw on a sheet or collect objects and then place them on the treated paper. Just expose it to the sun and you will see it discolour! With this kit, you can mix and apply your own photo resources, enough for ±40 A4. So you can make enough mix to continue experimenting on your own.

After purchase (before mixing with water) it will keep for another 12 months, if you don't store it too much in light and/or heat.

Fun fact: Did you know that we also offer a blue printing workshop ourselves at the Teekenschool? Read more about this workshop on our website.

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