Delivery FAQ

What are the estimated delivery times?

We aim to deliver within four working days within the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you wish to receive your order at a delivery address outside the Netherlands or Belgium? International estimated delivery times vary per country. The table below provides an overview of the estimated delivery times. If the country of destination is not listed in the table below, click here for a complete overview per country


Estimated delivery
(in working days)

France, Germany, Luxembourg and United Kingdom*

 4 – 6 

Italy, Portugal and Spain 

 5 – 8 

Japan* and United States*

 6 – 10 


 7 – 18 


10 – 20 


*Please note that additional costs (customs clearance costs or import duties) may need to be settled upon receipt when the delivery address is outside the European Union, such as the United Kingdom.


What are the shippingcost?

Shipping cost depent on the weight of your order. The actual shippingcost will be calculated during the ordering process.