Frans Hals


Extraordinarily productive, innovative, entertaining and a little rough around the edges: Frans Hals was one of a handful of painters who defined the 17th century. His distinctive, freewheeling style of painting became so influential that it’s easy to forget that he was its founder. Discover Frans Hals at the Rijksmuseum.

Dive into the world of Frans Hals, one of the most celebrated painters of the 17th century, with the Rijksmuseum's exclusive collection. As the Frans Hals exhibition captivates visitors at the Rijksmuseum, our specially selected merchandise offers a unique connection to the mastery and charm of Hals's work.

Frans Hals catalogue

Among our offerings, the catalogue of the Frans Hals exhibit stands out, providing an in-depth exploration of his artistry and contributions. This catalogue is more than just a collection of images; it's a comprehensive guide that enriches your understanding of Hals's influence and techniques, making it an essential addition for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of this pivotal artist.

Masterpieces reimagined

Find a variety of products that echo the vibrant brushstrokes and lively expressions characteristic of Frans Hals's portraits. From accessories that embody the spirit of his art to home decor items that add a touch of 17th-century sophistication to your surroundings, each piece in our collection celebrates the lasting impact of Hals's legacy.

Perfect for art lovers looking to immerse themselves in the era of Frans Hals or searching for an exceptional gift, the Rijksmuseum Shop provides a distinctive selection of items inspired by the Frans Hals exhibition.

Visit our Frans Hals Exhibition Collection today for inspiration from the timeless elegance of Frans Hals's work.

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