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Typex' Rembrandt | Graphic novel

English edition

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Unique Comic Book! Rembrandt as you have never seen him before in an absolute masterpiece by the Dutch illustrator and cartoonist Typex. For three years Typex lived with Rembrandt, obsessively, day after day, from dawn until deep into the night. The result is a visually overwhelming graphic novel, in which Typex brings 'his' genius Rembrandt to life: petulant, vain, arrogant, crass, touchy, but also endearing, disarming and sometimes pathetic. This award-winning book is a virtuoso masterpiece to take up again and again. 'It feels outrageous to write it but I feel that Rembrandt would have adored this book' (The Guardian). English language edition published in association with SelfMadeHero.

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