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Richard Tepe: Photography of Nature in the Netherlands 1900-1940

Studies in Photography vol. 1

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In the first decades of the 20th century, Richard Tepe was a major figure in nature photography in the Netherlands. He was one of the very first to specialize in this field, which gained more importance when the nature conservation movement in the Netherlands came into being. Christiane Kuhlmann has carefully reconstructed Tepe 's life and work. She makes clear that Tepe was not just a photographer who chose nature as his main subject, but that he also was one of the people who professionalized both nature photography and nature protection.

The Manfred and Hanna Heiting Fund enables young researchers from all over the world to explore the photography collection of the Rijksmuseum. The results of these studies are presented each year in the series Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography, whose publication is also generously made possible by the Manfred and Hanna Heiting Fund.

  • English edition
  • 40 images
  • ISBN 978 90 868 9019 4
  • Concept and design: Manfred Heiting
  • Layout: Ger Hudepol Productions
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