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Caravaggio / Bernini

Early Baroque in Rome

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Rome circa 1600: the theatre of the early Baroque. The stars of this stage are the painter Caravaggio and the sculptor Bernini. They represent the new artistic flair that make Rome the dazzling cultural heart of Europe. They stand, too, for the intense interaction between painters and sculptors, and the new art that focuses more than ever on picturing and evoking affetti, human emotions. An art of movement and illusion, of drama and classical reserve, of badinage, beauty and horror.

The book commences with thorough and enlightening essays by international Baroque specialists, such as Giovanni Careri, Joris van Gastel, Joseph Imorde, Evonne Levy and Sebastian Schütze. Among the many masterpieces represented in all their glory in the catalogue part are paintings and sculptures by Caravaggio and Bernini, as well as by their contemporaries, including Alessandro Algardi, Annibale and Ludovico Carracci, Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi, Francesco Mochi, Nicolas Poussin, François du Quesnoy, Guido Reni, Tanzio da Varallo and Simon Vouet.

This publication was edited by Frits Scholten, Rijksmuseum, and Gudrun Swoboda, Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The book accompanies the exhibition jointly organized by the Rijksmuseum (14 February – 7 June 2020), and the Kunsthistorisches Museum (autumn/winter of 2019).


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