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A more extensive set with 30 half Rembrandt soft pastels in beautiful colours.

Colours: White (100.5), Light yellow (201.5), Deep yellow (202.5), Lemon yellow (205.5), Lemon yellow (205.8), Yellow ochre (227.5), Orange (235.9), Light orange (236.5), Madder lake deep (331.5), Light oxide red (339.7), Permanent red (372.5), Raw umber (408.7), Burnt umber (409.5), Burnt sienna (411.5), Ultramarine deep (506.5), Ultramarine deep (506.7), Prussian blue (508.7), Red violet (545.5), Blue violet (548.5), Phthalo blue (570.7), Permanent green deep (619.5), Olive green (620.3), Olive green (620.7), Cinnabar green light (626.7), Cinnabar green deep (627.5), Permanent yellowish green (633.5), Bluish green (640.7), Black (700.5), Grey (704.8), Green grey (709.7).

Rembrandt soft pastels are the world-wide most used soft pastels. They have a characteristic softness for an excellent colour release. The colours are manufactured with the purest pigments and finest quality kaolin, which provides a very high colouring power and brilliant colour tones. Rembrandt soft pastels owe their quality to the close collaboration with professional artists, combined with traditional expertise and more than a century of experience in the manufacture of pastels. Each colour is made according to a unique formula, and the necessary raw materials go through very strict controle for each new batch. When you hear the word pastel, you quickly think of pastel shades, but soft pastels are also available in very bright colours.

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