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1. These terms and conditions of use apply to the website and all other websites that

are published by or on behalf of the foundation Stichting Het Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. The

Rijksmuseum reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. In addition to these terms

and conditions, specific terms and conditions may apply, including those of our online shop and those

relating to other services rendered, whether these are offered via our websites or not.

2. These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. Disputes in relation to the use of this website can

only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

3. This website is compiled and updated with the utmost care. The Rijksmuseum assumes no liability

whatsoever for the use of this website. The Rijksmuseum offers no guarantee that this website is virusfree,

nor that it will be accessible at all times or that it will always be in perfect working order.

4. The Rijksmuseum assumes no responsibility for hyperlinks on this site that lead to third party sites. The

availability of such a hyperlink does not imply any association on the part of the Rijksmuseum with the

organisation concerned, nor that the Rijksmuseum endorses the content of the website in question.

5. You may include hyperlinks to our website on your website. However, framing pages from this website in

your website is not permitted.

6. The Rijksmuseum assumes no liability whatsoever for reports, messages or information that are posted on

this website by third parties. The Rijksmuseum reserves the right to remove responses that have been posted

on this website by third parties. In posting notices or information (among which your username, the

contents of your Rijksstudio and creations you have uploaded) on this website, you automatically grant

permission for use and re-use of the notices or information elsewhere. With the Rijksmuseum Live API

independent third parties may use the contents of this web site in their own products.

7. Non-public domain images and texts on this website are protected by copyright, with the Rijksmuseum

being the copyright owner of the photographic material and where applicable of the images themselves. The

mere fact that this website contains images and texts does not necessarily mean that the Rijksmuseum is at

liberty to grant licenses for additional publication or reproduction thereof. 8. The Rijksmuseum brands and

logos are protected under trademark law. Unauthorised use of these brands is prohibited.

9. Please send any questions or comments about the use of this website to Stichting Het Rijksmuseum, PO

Box 74888, NL - 1070 DN Amsterdam, or call +31 20 6747000 or send an e-mail to

10. In the event of conflict between the content of these general terms and conditions and the specific terms

and conditions, the latter will prevail.

Privacy policy

11. The Rijksmuseum and its affiliated enterprises consider it very important that the data of visitors to the

Rijksmuseum website be handled with due care. Consequently, the Rijksmuseum website has been designed

with a view to protecting your privacy to the greatest degree possible.

12. By indicating on this website that you wish to receive information by e-mail, you grant the Rijksmuseum

and/or an affiliated enterprise permission to inform you from time to time with regard to its activities and

products offered by the Rijksmuseum. When you do not wish to receive any more information from the

Rijksmuseum, you can cancel this service at any time by sending an e-mail to or

by unsubscribing from any e-mail newsletter. The Rijksmuseum will not supply your personal data to third

parties without obtaining your express consent. In exceptional cases, the Rijksmuseum may call on third

parties to provide certain services, for example for the shipment of goods ordered from our online shop. In

connection with this, certain personal data will have to be provided to third parties. However, these data

shall only be provided for the purpose specified and these third parties shall be obliged to treat the data as

confidentially as the Rijksmuseum does.

13. The Rijksmuseum does not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers or other personal data, unless

this information is provided voluntarily by visitors to this website. When you have a Rijksstudio, a user

account, a subscription to an e-mail newsletter or when you buy an e-ticket, you give Rijksmuseum

possession of one or more of your following personal details. Rijksstudio: title, username, short descriptions,

sets, captions, uploads, user profile image. Personal details: name, sex, e-mail address, address, country,

preferred language, telephone number. Other data: e-mail newsletter subscription, museum visit, e-ticket. A

Rijksstudio set is publicly accessible unless you lock it. Your personal data are not visible on the website.

14. The Rijksmuseum reserves the right to remove a Rijksstudio set from the website without prior notice and

without explanation, if it is unnecessarily offensive or objectionable in the opinion of the Rijksmuseum, or

for reasons of technical website management. The Rijksmuseum accepts no liability for the consequences of

such removal.

15. The general terms and conditions of Peecho apply to the order and production of greeting cards, poster,

canvas, aluminium and perspex in Rijksstudio.

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